Go Green: Do you own a NOAA weather radio?

Prior warning for tornadoes is key. / Mike Morrison

Severe weather can bring with it many hazards. Lightning, hail, flooding, high winds and of course tornadoes are all natural forces that can be devastating to life and property right here in Southwest Georgia.

Preparation is key when it comes to severe weather and this includes having a way to be alerted in the case of dangerous circumstances. Of course the weather team here at FOX31 will always keep you ahead of the storm and you can always get the latest on by going to but these methods require your active participation which may not be possible if say you are sleeping.

Now you have probably heard about NOAA weather radio or even had a chance to listen one before but if you don't own one yet it may be time to rethink this device for the safety of all in your house.

Most weather radios plug into the wall and have a battery backup in case of power failure. The radios designated as s.a.m.e receivers can be easily programmed to suit your needs and not to go off for events that may not affect your area. NOAA weather radios broadcast information on all types of hazards including dangerous chemical releases, amber alerts and civil emergencies which may require action.

Many models are available for around 35 dollars and may be worth the expense for the peace of mind and safety it can bring your family.