Go Green: Christmas Tree

Artificial Trees / Mike Morrison

Oh the Christmas tree. A symbol of the season but some trees are greener than others. Now when putting up a tree this year you basically have three types to choose from. Artificial, real fresh cut and live trees in planters to be planted outside after the holidays. Of these artificial trees are the least eco-friendly and even less green than cutting down a live tree. Artificial trees are made from non-renewable plastics and while you can reuse these trees, you can never recycle them, so they most likely end up in landfills when you update your holiday decorations.

Real fresh cut trees are the next best option. Most real Christmas trees grow on tree farms, not in forests. Real Christmas trees remove carbon dioxide from the air as they grow. Once cut, these trees are replaced with new saplings by the grower to continue the process. Many are grown organically and without pesticides and these would be the best choice of the fresh cut variety. Live trees still in planters have become more popular in recent years and may be the greenest of all. These potted trees take a little more effort to insure their health while indoors and in making the transition outside to be permanently planted in the yard but they are worth it. Potted trees give you weeks of enjoyment while up in your house and years of enjoyment outside as they continue to grow once planted in the ground. If you want to go green this holiday season you have to start someplace and what better place than the Christmas tree. For this week's Go Green I'm Mike Morrison FOX 31 news.