Go Green: Attic covers

Attic door cover / Mike Morrison

Having a roof over ones head is important and of course you wouldn't ignore a giant hole in the roof where you live. So why would you ignore that giant hole in your ceiling where you access the attic. Attic door insulation can be important in all seasons and for some very good reasons. In colder months insulating this area will keep the warm air, in and in warmer months it will help to keep your house cooler as well. But that's not all. During the winter warm moist air that rises into your attic can condense on the cold attic surfaces and cause mold growth. Insulating your attic access can also reduce the infiltration of attic dust and allergens that we can all do without. There are different ways to attack this issue but two common approaches include the attic tent and the insulated box. Attic tents can be installed fairly easily and work to seal off the attic but still allows easy access typically though a zippered door. A simple insulated box may be the more economical approach whether you purchase one or build it yourself. Operation of an insulated box is pretty simple. It goes over the attic hole to seal it up and can be moved aside to allow access. Just because the cost of most everything else is going through the roof some of your energy dollars don't have to. For this week's Go Green I'm Mike Morrison FOX 31 News.