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      Glitch delays paychecks in Lee County

      Some Lee County employees are without pay on Thursday after an error caused a glitch in the payroll system.Board of Commissioners Chair Rick Muggridge says a perfect storm was created when a new payroll protocol was put in place while the payroll employee was out on vacation, causing direct deposits that usually show up in accounts at 12:01 a.m. on Thursday morning to be delayed.While pay day is typically on Friday, Muggridge says technology and advancements in the payroll system have allowed the department to expedite that process, so people have gotten used to having their check deposited at an earlier date.After the delay occurred, Muggridge says the county worked with the 40+ banks employees use to send out notices and credits to prevent any further complications.Muggridge added that the payroll company has agreed to incur all charges, such as overdrafts, due to the mix-up and says all of the paychecks should be deposited by Friday.

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