Girls Inc. holds dinner to honor local women

Girls Inc contributors

There was food, singing, and good conversation at the 15th annual Girls Inc. Committee of 100 dinner.

The girls participate in a series of programs throughout the summer and school year, but tonight was about the contributors.

Executive director of Girls Inc. Albany, Lakisha Bryant says the dinner is a great time for the girls to connect with contributors. "They get to dine with the girls and talk about Girls Inc. programming, school, their lives, and how we are creating a generation of strong, smart, and bold girls" says Bryant.

Young ladies in attendance say the group has a positive impact on their lives. Girls Inc. member Tonyari Scott says she enjoys the different seminars and topics. "I've learned to have manners, I've learned to have respect, I've learned how to manage money, and save money" says Scott.

Girls shared their activities and accomplishments with all of the women who contribute to the organization

In addition to recognizing members of the Committee of 100, three ladies were inducted into the Millenium Club for participating with Girls Inc. Albany for more than ten years.

Founding member of the Committee of 100 and Past President Patsy Martin says she plans on being active with Girls Inc. for a long time. "You can't deny results and the results from this organization of building bold, strong, confident women, its just unmatched â" that's why im here today" says Martin.

Girls Inc. of Albany served more than 2,300 girls in Dougherty and Terrell counties in 2008.