Girls Inc. gives back to the community, to honor donors.

"2012 Week of Sharing" is taking place from 12/10-12/14.

Girls Incorporated of Albany has dedicated this week to giving back to the community.

The 2012 "Week of Sharing", has the girls doing various community service projects around Albany.

In Wednesday's event the girls partnered with Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful for a recycling drive.

Organizers say this week is in honor of all their donors, "it's so important that we learn to give as well, so that we can return the generosity that our donors give. So we want them to appreciate the donors by giving back to the community," said Sherrell Alexander the Executive Director of Girls Inc.

Thursday night, the girls will be visiting the Palmyra Nursing Home, to help with their nightly bingo activities. The week wraps up Friday, with a food drive competition between the East Albany, and Park Place centers.

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