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      Gillionville gas project brings out residents

      Monday morning in the Dougherty County Commission meeting, residents expressed their concerns about a natural gas pipeline that would pass through Gillionvile Road. In the public hearing, one woman asked for commissioners to fight for officials to consider a pipeline alternative that would impact the least amount of citizens.

      Robbie Barkley has lived on his land for close to 30 years. He's built his home and built his family but now that he's locked in to stay, he says the proposed natural gas pipeline could threaten his investment.

      "They're going to put the compressor station roughly two or three hundred yards in front of our homes. It will actually split right between my house and my mother's home," said Robbie Barkley, President of the Hidden Lakes subdivision.

      Barkley says the pipeline would run only a few feet away from his drinking well. He says not only would the infrastructure trail through his property but several surrounding subdivisions, affecting hundreds of people and possibly endangering wildlife.

      "We took a picture of a bald eagle out there last week and they're going to try to put a pipeline through there. I think they still got a pretty tough road ahead of them," said Barkley.

      Next Monday, September 16th, there will be a representative available at the next county commission meeting to talk about the pipeline. All citizens and stakeholders in the project are asked to come and hear information about the pipeline.Chairman Jeff Sinyard says its important that the pipeline offers the safest and most non evasive impact on citizens and that commissioners are taking this seriously.

      "At the end of the day, there will be a definitive issue with each citizen or landowner that has us go through their land and we want to make sure that the right thoughts and the right conversation took place in securing the proper route," said Jeff Sinyard, Dougherty County Commission Chairman.