Gieryic's Automotive Repair still looking for storm clean-up volunteers

Albany still needs help cleaning up wreckage from the January storms.

Gieryic's Automotive Repair is the main supplier of chainsaws for volunteers to clean properties affected by the tornadoes.

Tom Gieryic says 72 chainsaws have been distributed since January. Over $20,000 have also been raised after selling crosses made from fallen trees and stumps.

Each cross is made after clean-up efforts, and about 300 have been sold. Gieryic thinks there could be at least four months of work still ahead before everything is back to normal.

"We need tons of volunteers, tons of civic groups, to get involved. So many people, and some of my friends too, weren't affected by it, and it's almost like, you know, when you look out my front door, you don't see any damage. They don't see any in their neighborhoods, so in their minds it's over, but it's not," Gieryic said.

The biggest help needed is draggers. Geiryic explained that they are people who follow behind as others cut to make sure everything is clear. More heavy equipment will also up the clean-up process.

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