Giant snails gliding into southwest Georgia?

A giant African snail. / DNR

Giant African snails have invaded portions of Florida and for our FOX 31 Facebook story of the day people want to know if Georgia is next.

Officials with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources say they haven't received any notice that the creatures are here in our area.

They say a lot of animals can survive in the peninsula of Florida but cannot live anywhere else.

However since the giant snails are surviving well in Florida, it may be just a matter of time before they make their way to our area.

"There's another invasive exotic snail from another part of the world that got started in Florida and it has shown up in South Georgia and we do have some concerns about that one. The apple snail is a fairly large snail has a whirl tail. It's the kind of thing that somebody might have as a pet," said Jim Ozier, Wildlife Biologist with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

He says many times people have these types of snails as pets and when they are let loose into the wild they multiply.