Getting your home prepared for winter

If you've stepped outside recently, you probably have noticed the transition to winter has begun, and as the temperature continues to drop, the potential for tree limbs to fall goes up.

Lee Harper the owner of Harper Tree Service says, "between 4 and 7 o'clock is when it's the coldest, that's when the limbs are going to ice over, if they're already wet, that much more weight is going to be added to it and it's going to cause the limbs to break off."

Those limbs have the potential to cause serious damage to a house or car.

Harper says it's important to take a look at branches that are over service lines, which power companies will only trim main voltage power lines.

After the branches are trimmed, Harper's team puts sealant on the tree to prevent it from rotting.

Once you have everything cleaned up outside the house, it's time to head inside and take a look at that chimney.

Fire place expert, Leo Harrison, says people usually don't think about their chimney until they're ready to use them, but it's important to get an expert to check it out before you light a fire.

"The first thing I check for is, does it need cleaning, because if you have a flu fire, its extreme heatâ|it's very dangerous," said Harrison.

Harrison says a chimney fire can reach temperatures of 3000 degrees.

Harpers Tree Service can be reached at: Home (229)894-8096 Cell (229)889-9419

Leo Harrison, owner of the Fire Place and Heater shop, can be reached at: (229)886-5879