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      Getting in and out of the ER in record time

      It's not fun when you have to go to the ER, but the light at the end of the tunnel is when you can get out in record time.

      And lately that's been the case with some local patients.

      On Wednesday employees with the Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital's Emergency Center told to the Board of Directors that for the past ten days they've decreased the amount of time all patients have spent in the ER.

      They say by doing everything from their own labs, and running tests on patients in their own department versus sending them elsewhere is really speeding things up.

      Emergency Center Director Todd Braswell says, "we do point of care, quick recognition of what the results are, and then addressing those properly so the patient gets released quicker."

      Braswell says the average amount of time a patient spends in the hospital is 200 minutes, their goal is having them in and out in 160 minutes.

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