Get your house clean without trashing the rest of the earth!

Spring cleaning starts at home and in the garage. / Mike Morrison

As you know spring is nearing fast and having a plan to your spring cleaning is important but the first step to help your success is to reduce how much stuff you have. Go through everything and be aggressive about separating out things that you will never really use. Go through everything in your house. Closets, drawers, attic, basement and garage and deal with all the stuff you need to get rid of. Things that you haven't used, may really never or rarely use should be candidates for stuff to reuse, repurpose, recycle or donate. The more you get rid of the less clutter you will have and the easier you house will be to keep clean.

Next, the piles and piles of stuff you need to get rid of shouldn't go into the trash. Recycle, reuse and donate those items so they do not just end up in our landfills. For example recycle that pile of magazines or papers, re-purpose old tee shirts for cleaning rags and of course donate items that are still of use.

Now that you have much of the clutter out its time to deal with what's left and get organized! If you can't find the stuff you need when you need it you may as well not have it at all.

Storage containers or even full storage systems will come in handy for organization. When picking containers try to go more eco- friendly and pick cardboard boxes, bamboo baskets or even cloth bags to organize your stuff.

Once the clutter is gone and stuff is organized it's time to get busy power cleaning everything! Of course for this part try to be as eco friendly as possible, use green cleaners or make your own cleaners with bio degradable items from your kitchen. Try to waste as little as possible and trade in paper towels for say microfiber rags and forego the swiffer for a good ole fashioned wet mop.

Spring cleaning your house shouldn't dirty up the rest of the world.