Get your dog trained by a certified K9 officer

Photo Credit: Colby Gallagher

In our Facebook Story of the Day, you wanted to know where obedience training for dogs is offered around Albany.

Westover Animal Hospital currently offers training through Bob James who works with the Dougherty County Police Department's K9 Unit and PetSense Albany offers basic obedience training with no more than five dogs per class.

James offers a 6-class course through the center that can either be taken every Tuesday or once every other Tuesday depending on his DCP schedule. PetSense trainer Janet Goree also offers her training on Tuesday nights.

James says while the class teaches your dog the basic commands of sit, stay and come, it really focuses on teaching the owner how to best handle the dog and react to it so that it listens to you. Goree says her classes focus on one-on-one time with owners to really see some changes.

The real difference in what people get out of an obedience course, however is what people put into it says James. The trainer says if you don't go home and put the new techniques into use, the dog won't catch on and learn.

If you're interested in taking either course, contact the Westover Animal Hospital or PetSense Albany who will let you know the next start date for classes.

Both classes are affordable with the course at Westover priced at $95 and includes a leash, collar and pamphlet of tips, while the PetSense training is $79.

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