Get Healthy on GOOD DAY: Women and weight lifting

Many woman stick to doing cardio when it comes time to exercise. Whether that means hopping on the treadmill or jogging around the block, women tend to avoid weightlifting because they are afraid of bulking up.

But ladies unless you are taking some type of extra steroid, fitness coach Kris Morrill says that won't be a problem and you should try adding strength training to your workout.

Weight training builds lean muscle which burns calories even when you're not working out. That won't happen with just cardio.

"Lean muscle mass is living organism in your body that requires calories to stay consistent to keep going so therefore your metabolic rate will be increased even when you're not working out," said Kris Morrill, fitness coach.

If adding strength training to your routine is new start slow. Begin with circuit training a few days a week to target all major muscle groups. If you aren't sure how to do a move, ask! Proper form is key. Move slowly, focusing on good form to avoid injuries and don't forget to breath.