Get Healthy on GOOD DAY: Warm Up

Photo Credit: Melanie Kendall

Many people may think of a warm up as bending and stretching before a workout but there's more to it. A proper warm up should include dynamic activity that uses the muscles you'll be exercising.

"Get the blood flowing, get your heart pumping, get your core temperature up and then you'll be more ready and more receptive to a good workout," said Kris Morrill, fitness coach.

A correct warm up will set the stage for the rest of the work out. Exercising with cold muscles would be like trying to stretch a frozen rubber band.

"Well what happens when you pull that rubber band out of the freezer and try to stretch it all the way out, it's going to break but if you get that rubber band out warm it up and then start to slowly start to stretch it out you'll be fine," said Morrill.

Dynamic stretching during the warm up is just as important as static stretching during the cool down. And both should be done every time you exercise, don't wait until soreness sets in. At that point its gone too far.

You're warmed up enough once you start sweating and have full range of muscle movements. For each person that time can be different.

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