Get Healthy on GOOD DAY: Planned Snacking

Eating more often throughout the day can be healthier than eating just the traditional three meals. It keeps your metabolism going and keeps your body constantly working.

Eating five or six smaller meals, will ensure food gets completely digested before it's time to eat again.

"If you turn around and before that food is totally digested and you and you throw something else on it, it's going to stop doing what it was doing and then start digesting the new food that you just put in there," said Kris Morrill, fitness coach.

The body is very efficient; it only uses what it needs. All undigested food gets stored as fat. They key is a proper eating plan similar to keeping a wood fire going.

"The best way to get that furnace hot is to keep adding wood periodically so it burns that wood down, it gets the furnace nice and hot you add a little bit more wood in a couple hours it will burn even hotter and you never overload that furnace," said Morrill.

Space out meals to every two and a half to three hours. You're body will burn off what it took in at 8:00 because it knows it's getting something again at noon.

It doesn't matter what time you eat, as long as you are being consistent. Eat when you are hungry, but don't wait until you are starving. Your body will learn when to become hungry. Plan meals or snacks into your day to avoid constant snacking throughout the day.

Remember to eat healthy, breakfast is still the most important and never skip a meal.

"You defiantly don't want to skip a meal, and then come back later that night and then overload your body with food because you're starving," said Morrill.