Georgia's Pre-K performing well

Georgia's Lottery funded pre-kindergarten program moved to the top of the 'National Institute for Early Education Research' in terms of quality in 2011.

A lot of hard work has been put in at the Lee County Pre-K. The State of Georgia Pre-K received a ten out of ten ranking nationally and it came as no surprise.

Jan Duke, Director of Lee County's Pre-K says "I've known that our Pre-K program was the best and those we have always done good things for children but I'm excited to be recognized nationally."

Over the years Jan Duke says the State has become more involved to get the best results from its early childhood program.

"They increased requirements for teachers and there requiring certified teachers to be in the classroom and we have that here in Lee county. Many of our teachers have advance degrees," said Duke.

Lakeisha Garmon has six kids, many of them have benefitted from Georgia's Pre-K program, including one of her twins who has learning challenges.

"Treyshawn has that and being here helped them be individuals and help them depend on themselves and not each other," said Garmon.

Teacher Beth Faircloth says setting a proper foundation is one of the goals of Pre-K.

"We need to meet them wherever they area in all areas of development, whether it be social, emotional, physical or cognitive,all across the board. It's just to get them where they need to be," said Faircloth.