Georgia's 3 cent gas tax takes effect

Driver pumping gas.

For months people have been wanting gas prices to drop, but don't count on that happening in Georgia. On May 1, 2011 the state's three cent gas tax kicked in.

Before the newly adjusted tax started, drivers were paying 10.1 cents per gallon of gasoline. Now they will spend 12.9 cents for every gallon they buy. These numbers are determined by the Georgia Department of Revenue by adding a fixed tax rate of 7.5 percent to four percent of the cost of gasoline.

Gas station owners are speculating that prices will reflect the change on Monday morning. They are starting to lose hope in seeing gas prices drop.

"If you thinks it's going to go down, it's going to go up," said BP gas station owner Nainesh Patel, "You never know."

Drivers are speculating that the average gas price will be over four dollars this summer.