Georgians brace for Fiscal Cliff

Fiscal Cliff looms, causing Southwest Georgians to tighten their pocketbooks. / Matt Prichard

As the so-called, "fiscal cliff" approaches, folks throughout the United States are looking to pinch their pocketbooks, and southwest Georgians are no exception.

"Well financially I'm going to be saving a lot, you know cutting back on a lot of spending, and probably cut my vacation time down a lot this year too," said local Albany resident, Johnny Lee.

"Planning to save money by staying home more, not buying stuff that I don't really need," said another Albany resident, Marlon Tonge.

And saving cash can be as simple as turning off a light switch, or avoiding eating out. Despite those helpful tips, Southwest Georgians are worried that the fiscal cliff will not only throw the nation's finances into the deep end, but their own as well.

"Yes, cause there's going to be a lot of cutbacks by the government, and that's something I really worry about," said Tonge.

Others though don't share that concern, feeling the fiscal cliff is simply not worth worrying about.

"Not really no, because it's out of my control, I'm not going to worry about it, because whatever happens, happens, but I'll definitely be cutting back on my spending," said Lee.

Early reports say both Speaker of the House John Boehner and president Barack Obama are working on a plan to avoid the fiscal cliff, and make sure the nation's concerns are laid to rest.