Georgia Supreme Court upholds murder conviction for Cordele woman

File photo of Kayla Ragan Wright

The Georgia Supreme Court has upheld malice murder and concealing a death convictions against Kayla Ragan Wright. Wright's conviction for aggravated assault was vacated.

The Cordele woman was convicted in 2006 for the death of her infant daughter, Angel Fryman Wright. Charges against Wright, who was 22-years old when the crimes were committed, stemmed from an investigation that began in December 2004 when deputies from the Crisp County Sheriff's Department were called to Hubbard Iron and Metal.

Employees at the junk yard believed they had discovered the remains of a partially decomposed infant in an abandoned car.
Investigators later determined that what they had found was indeed the remains of an infant.

The investigation led detectives to Wright's residence on Fish Hatchery Road where a search warrant was executed. Physical evidence pertaining to the case was discovered and Wright was taken into custody and charged. Evidence indicated Wright gave birth to the baby, which is believed to have been close to full-term, and placed it in the backseat of the vehicle in October 2004.

Wright's trial was conducted May of 2006, and a jury found her guilty of all charges.