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      Georgia Power sends help to winter weather problems in Arkansas

      Georgia Power is lending a helping hand to help keep the power on in parts of Arkansas during a bout of winter weather blasting through the region over the weekend.Georgia Power's Southwest Regional office is sending 12 people out of total 300 Georgia Power employees and 70 contractors Friday morning to assist with storm-related issues.Arkansas is expecting a quarter inch to three quarters of an inch of ice during this ice storm. Employees are expecting the ice to coat power lines and trees, causing areas to lose power. When the trees begin to coat with ice, they have a tendency to break or bend against the power line. The Georgia Power team was assembled to help and restore the power should these scenarios start.The Storm Center in Atlanta says that the South Eastern Electric Exchange sent out this notification that Arkansas needed assistance with the storm.Area Manager of Georgia Power's Southwest Region Jay Smith, is comforted with the idea of sending out employees for help and knows if Georgia ever needs assistants with weather disasters it will be reciprocated.