Georgia Power dam bomb threat discovered

Dougherty County Police arrive on the scene / Ashley Knight

Updated April 3 at 11:54 a.m.

Dougherty County police say they have arrested Timothy Lane Anderson, Sr., 48, who is the father to the 20 year old arrested in connection with bombs at the Flint River Dam on Sunday, Timothy Lane Anderson, Jr.

Anderson, Sr., is charged with six counts of manufacturing a destructive explosive device. The father made the five devices found at the dam as well as the one found at the residence that police searched, according to Capt. James Sexton with DCP.

Sexton says that according to the father, the Andersons were making the explosives for the fun of blowing them up and watching them explode.

He says the components used to make the bombs, which Sexton describes as "a large firecracker," were purchased online and are not illegal to purchase. Sexton says, however, that they are illegal when used to make an explosive. He says there was no terroristic link to the creation of these explosives.

Original Story

One arrest was made and explosives were confiscated when a suspicious man was reported near the Flint River Dam late Sunday night, officials said.

Police arrested Timothy Lane Anderson, Jr. shortly after 11 pm Sunday and have charged him with five counts relating to explosives possession and manufacturing an explosive device.

Captain Jimmy Sexton with Dougherty County Police said jail and police records show different recorded ages for Anderson and investigators are working out this discrepancy. Police for now are saying that he is 20.

Police also searched a house on Tift Avenue in Albany where Anderson reportedly was staying. Bomb-making materials were found at the residence, but no other bombs were discovered, police said.

One of Anderson's friends said he had no idea what Anderson was up to.

"He seemed like a nice guy at the time," Billy McKendree said. "He's never been in trouble, always hard working, trying to put food on the table. I didn't know he was into stuff like this."

Police said they detonated some of the devices found at the dam, which is located near Cox Landing Park south of Philema Road and east of the Liberty Expressway. Police also said they kept other devices as evidence.

Witnesses reporting the situation are saying Anderson had ammonium nitrate, the same explosive used by Timothy McVeigh when he bombed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building on April 19, 1995, in Oklahoma City, but Dougherty County police have not confirmed that report.

Georgia Bureau of Investigations , Albany Fire Department, Albany Police Department, and Dougherty County Police Department all responded to the incident at the dam, which is owned by the Georgia Power Company.

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