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      Georgia K-12 schools rank 17th in the nation

      Education Week released a report today about the achievements and downfalls of Georgia schools.According to Education Week, Georgia's K-12 achievement ranks 17th in the Nation, which is ten places away from two years ago when the state ranked 7th in Nation in the Quality Counts report.This report measures aspects of achievement within schools like educational practice and policies, along with other measures like the reading and math performance on the National Assessment Educational Progress (NAEP) exams and Advance Placement (AP) exams.When looking at other indicators individually with Georgia's K-12 Schools there has been improvement in several areas. The poverty of the math gap change for 8th graders (based on NAEP) is ranked 5th in the nation.According to R.D. Harter, Public Information Director of Dougherty County School System, this means that students of that age that have dealt with socio-economic challenges are improving on their math skills. In other words, Georgia schools are helping to improve poverty-based achievement gaps.Additionally, the 4th grade reading scale is 5th in the nation (based on NAEP), and high school graduation improvement is ranked 10th in the nation. Lastly, improvement in AP scores is marked 5th in the Nation and AP scores with a passing score of three or higher is ranked 9th in the nation.With the exception of the AP exams, all ranks were measured in a 10 year period from 2003 -2013.Georgia's State Superintendent Dr. John Barge says, "when looking at more than one indicator it is clear that Georgia's students are performing at higher levels than many of their peers across the nation."

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