Georgia Forward 'Gamechangers' bring ideas for growth

Gamechangers make a presentation in Americus. / Jessica Fairley

Americus city leaders turned to an event Friday afternoon to hear ideas set to move the city and county forward.

This was the conclusion of a six month program called 'Young Gamechangers.'

25 young people under the age of 40 tackled the question of "What economic opportunities are Americus and Sumter County missing out on?"

Those who participated came up with ideas for officials should look into alternative energy, non-profit enhancement, and downtown business development.

"Often times young folks who have tremendous ideas aren't at the decision making table when planning is being made, whether that's economic development planning or cultural planning. We wanted to create a space for young people to come together with the support of local leaders here in Americus and Sumter County," said Amir Farokhi, Executive Director of Georgia Forward.

Americus was chosen in hopes that local leaders would be able to use the ideas to move the area forward.

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