Georgia drivers give thanks for falling prices at the pumps

Motorists can continue to expect a drop throughout the Thanksgiving holiday. / File

Southwest Georgians can add falling gas prices to the things they can give thanks for this holiday season.

According to AAA, gas prices are expected to continue dropping during Thanksgiving, with the drop expected to slow as violence in the Middle East has resurfaced concerns of a supply disruption in the region. AAA believes that if tensions continue to escalate between Israel and its neighboring countries, it could reverse the downward trend in oil and gas prices seen during the past few weeks.

"Whenever violence escalates in the Middle East as it has with Israel and its surrounding countries, oil prices are sure to increase," said AAA spokeswoman Jessica Brady in the release. "The current conflict overseas means motorists may not see gas prices fall as much as recently forecast. Right now, tensions in the Mideast have increased concerns of oil supply disruptions in the region which have the potential to reverse the downward trends in both oil and gas prices.

However, AAA says that the economic news and fuel demand remain bleak in some of the world's largest oil-consuming countries. If Mideast tensions are eased, motorists can expect gas prices to decrease as initially forecast throughout the end of the year.

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(Gas prices courtesy of AAA)