Georgia Department of Labor cuts paper checks to save funds

Photo Credit: File

The Georgia Department of Labor announced via press release Monday morning that all unemployment insurance benefits in Georgia will be paid electronically and that paper checks will no longer be issued starting the week of November 5th.

The GDOL has begun mailing new UI Way2Go Debit MasterCards to current recipients of UI benefits paid by paper checks. The debit cards will become effective Nov. 2 with the final paper check payments will be made Nov. 1.

UI recipients in Georgia have had the option of using direct bank deposits, rather than receiving paper checks. Currently, there are approximately 118,000 UI recipients and about 70 percent of them use direct deposit. Those who prefer direct deposit will continue to have that option.

Officials with GDOL say that the material and postal expense of issuing paper checks is currently about $19,000 per week.

For more information on the program, visit the Georgia Department of Labor's website at