Georgia Chamber of Commerce talks business at breakfast

The Georgia Chamber if Commerce continues their regional Power Lunch program with a special breakfast this morning in Albany.

/ Sean Streicher

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce continues their regional Power Lunch program with a special breakfast this morning in Albany.

Chris Clark, the president and C.E.O. of the Georgia Chamber spoke about important issues today's businesses face, such as new legislation and civil justice reform. He also spoke about the importance of education in building a strong economy and things business owners can do to help local schools.

"It doesn't work anymore for us to sit back and look at public educators who are working so hard everyday, principles that are doing more with less, and just complain. Businesses need to go in, engage and be supportive, not just on spirit nights but to go in there and mentor where they need to be mentored teach reading, provide resource," said Clark.

The chamber also urge business owners to start looking into the healthcare reform before the January 1st deadline hits.

Additionally, the Georgia Chamber issued the following statement in response to Governor Deal signing House Bill 244, which improves Georgia's system for teacher and school administrator officials:

"We need the best, most effective teachers in our classrooms to ensure Georgia students get the skills and knowledge needed for today's jobs. HB 244 puts us closer to that goal by linking educator assessment to student achievement, creating a more transparent and uniform system that treats teachers and administrators as the professionals they truly are. The Georgia Chamber would like to thank Governor Deal, Rep. Randy Nix and the General Assembly for recognizing this crucial need and for their commitment to strengthening our public education system with this legislation."

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