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      Georgia avoided tornados, but residents should still be prepared

      High wind gusts are all that remain from the squall line that placed most of southwest Georgia under a tornado watch from 10:30 Tuesday night until about 5:00 Wednesday morning.

      "There was a severe line of storms associated with a frontal system that moved in from Texas, and continued towards the northeast. With it, it brought tornados for Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama; however we didn't see any where in Southwest Georgia," said FOX 31 Meteorologist Kerri Copello.

      Tornados can develop very rapidly, so FEMA recommends keeping a emergency preparation kit with enough supplies to last at least 72 hours.

      You should also develop a family communication plan, and arrange for everyone to meet in lowest most inner part of the house.

      "When there's bad weather around we reiterate, the fact that that's the safest part of the house, and that's where they should go if there's a storm," said Mike Donalson, who says he has a plan in place.

      If there's no shelter around, get into a car as quickly as possible. Try to make your way to some place safe, pull over, and wait out the storm.

      Before heading out to check out the damage, be sure the tornado has passed, and that you TMre out of harm TMs way.

      For more information on tornado preparation, visit