Generation Vexed? Students prepare for bleak job market

Students prepare for bleak job market. / Jessica Fairley

As high school and college students graduate and embark on the real world, they are facing the bleak reality of a job shortage. Thousands of students leave school feeling unprepared for the road ahead; some even say they feel vexed, facing a slow job market with little prospects.

"People have that mindset that I'm going to get a guaranteed job," said Albany State University Student John Onimole.

A guaranteed job is not always the case, and those entering higher learning are now catching on. A representative for Darton College says students are coming in and declaring majors that are in high demand, trying to up their chances of gaining employment.

"My mom really wanted me to go into the medical field because she said you can always have a guaranteed job," said college sophomore John Onimole.

The so called vexed generation says they aren't letting statics or the economy hold them back. Instead of waiting until graduation to find their success, they're starting early.

"Networking and talking to different people and marketing myself as a person is going to help me get to that next level," said Albany State University Student Sonique O'neal.

O'Neal already has a plan in place. She started Bella Donna Handbags that's become a trend around the country. As she approaches her final days of school, she says she has no fears of what's to come next.

"These four years in college have made my skin a little bit tougher," said Bella Donna Handbag Designer Sonique O'neal.

College sophomore John Onimole says he has a ways to go until the end, but he's not concerned about the outcome, because of his preparation now.

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