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      GEMA focuses efforts on thunderstorm safety

      In honor of Severe Weather Awareness Week, the Georgia Emergency Management Agency is asking residents to focus on preparing for thunderstorms, the most common severe weather in the state.Thunderstorms are often forgotten about because of the potentially more severe weather, but officials say that's why families should make sure they aren't caught off guard by the more common bad weather.Thunderstorms include strong winds, tornadoes and flooding, so to ensure your family is ready, GEMA suggests you tell all family members a safe place to meet if you get split up.Southwest Georgia Emergency Management Director Jim Vaught says other tips include getting low to the ground, not using a landline which can conduct electricity, staying inside, and moving to the most stable part of your house.Vaught also suggests everyone get familiarized with all of the different warning sirens so they know which emergency plan to follow when you hear them.

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