GBI, U.S. Marshalls help arrest man in Albany for Tift murder

David Summers was taken to the Albany Police Department for questioning before being taken to the Tift County Jail

Officers with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation arrested a 26 year old in connection with a Tift County murder.

Monday around noon, GBI â" with the help of local law enforcement and U.S. Marshalls â" arrested David Charles Summers, 26. They say he was subsequently taken to the Tift County Jail where he faces murder charges.

GBI says Summers was hiding out at 813 B Byron Road; they say he was arrested without incident. Agents say an anonymous tipster alerted them that Summers was at that location.

On Jan. 7, GBI says David Barnes, 31, was murdered in Tifton.

"We are not sure at this time what the exact motive was. We know there had been some altercations between the two prior to the murder but we're not sure if those were the catalysts for the murder or not," says GBI ASAC Mark Pro.

The Tift County Sheriff's Office says Barnes' family expressed joy when they heard an arrest was made.

GBI says they are interviewing people living in and the owner of the Byron residence.