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      GBI seeing increase in child pornography cases

      The Georgia Bureau of Investigations opened their doors to the media today and FOX 31 got an inside look at what they're working on.When most people think of the GBI the word crime comes to mind. While they handle many different kinds of crime, violent crimes are the most common. GBI director Vernon Keenan told us this could mean an armed robbery where someone got hurt or a death case. Keenan says they work over 300 death cases in an average year.Violent crime may be the most common but it's not their top priority, crimes against children are. Keenan told FOX 31 this is because it's such a horrendous crime and there's no one but them to protect the children.What's alarming to the GBI in terms of crimes against children is the rise in child pornography cases. Rusty Andrews with the investigative division says, "first they're molested, then their pictures are taken, then they're put on the internet and every time it happens they're victimized over and over and over again."Andrews didn't have an exact number of child pornography cases in the past year but did say he could assign every one of his investigators to just this kind of crime and they would have plenty of work to do.