GBI investigating Mitchell County death

First Update (8/14/13)

Officials with the GBI say that 26-year-old Terrence Wheeler of Moultrie has been charged with the murder of his cousin Joe Williams.

Wheeler faces one count each of felony murder and aggravated assault.

Initial Story

Family members say Joe Louis Williams was a veteran, father, grandfather and elder at the Word of Truth Ministries in Albany who loved to sing gospel music and pick pecans from the land he owned on Honeysuckle Road in Mitchell County.

On Thursday, Williams' music was cut short after a family member found him fatally shot behind the shed on the property.

Shawn S. Williams says he got the call while he was at work and broke down from the devastation before rushing out to the house, but he was forced to stand more than a mile away at the end of the driveway while the Georgia Bureau of Investigations worked to gather evidence.

Williams says the home was his 75-year-old father's second property and no one liked him going out there alone because it was so remote.

Now, family members are questioning why someone would take Joe Louis Williams' life.

Williams says though it won't provide closure, he hopes law enforcement can make a quick arrest to get the murderer off the street and give his family and colleagues justice.

Word of Truth founder Dr. B. W. Caldwell says she'll never be able to replace Williams, but they're going to move on in his honor.

"He would not want us to stand still, he would want us to go on. I believe that in the spirit, he's saying that to us. Even though he's not here in body, his spirit will always linger here with us."

Since the family's interview with FOX 31, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has announced that as a result of the investigation, a suspect is in custody and charges are forthcoming.

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