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      GBI investigates two separate incidents in Leesburg

      The Leesburg Police Department along with the Lee County Sheriff's Office and the Georgia Bureau of Investigations are looking into two separate incidents that happened Monday.The first was Monday afternoon; police were in the process of searching for Trayce Clyde, who allegedly robbed someone. They found Clyde yesterday in a vacant house on Pine Avenue in Leesburg.Once they found him there, officer Monterey Moody went inside and the two were involved in a physical altercation. Moody tried to apprehend the suspect without injury but was unsuccessful. Clyde was shot by the officer leaving him deceased. Moody is now on administrative leave pending investigation, which officials with the Leesburg Police Department say is standard procedure.Later yesterday evening Police were notified of a second shooting on Society Street, which is just around the corner. In this incident a deputies car was shot but no one was injured. Officials are still looking for a suspect.FOX 31 spoke to the GBI special agent in charge Tuesday morning who said they are investigating the incidents separately; he said they can't assume they're connected.

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