Gas prices jump 10 cents in a week

Gas prices may reach $4.00 by the summer. / Jessica Fairley

Just over a week after the New Year, drivers are seeing signs of pain at the pump.

According to AAA, gas prices jumped 10 cents since last week.

Experts are speculating consumers will see $4.00 gas prices by the summer.

Prices around southwest Georgia are reaching close to $3.30 cents.

Growing fuel prices are being tied to oil distribution in the Middle East and positive employment numbers.

However, there is a possibility that prices may drop lower in the coming weeks. Experts believe Europe may enter a recession that could stifle global oil demand.


Regular Unleaded Gasoline

Current Week Ago Month Ago Year Ago

National: $3.374 $3.279 $3.285 $3.088

Florida: $3.441 $3.313 $3.308 $3.117

Georgia: $3.345 $3.206 $3.221 $3.007

Tennessee: $3.248 $3.125 $3.111 $2.98

AAA's Daily Fuel Gauge Report ( is updated each day and is the most comprehensive; reflecting actual prices from credit card transactions within the past 24 hours at two-thirds (100,000 stations) of the gasoline stations in the U.S. Its accuracy is unparalleled.