Gas prices fall; drivers fear prices may come back higher

Gas prices falling. / Jessica Fairley

The price of crude oil has made its largest weekly decline since May and officials say when the price of a barrel of oil drops, so does the amount drivers pay the pump. Georgia's average price of gas per gallon fell six cents since last week and some drivers are rejoicing.

"It brings down the expenses that a lot of people have to pay for. You know that's a big expense," said Christian Edwards:

Although gas prices haven't made drastic change, consumers say every little bit helps. Consumers say they're hoping the downward trend continues.

"I love it, love it, it should drop a dollar," said driver Bobby Williams.

He says he has to drive a 60 mile round trip every day to work and if gas prices starts to climb, he doesn't know how he'll make it.

"People cannot afford high expensive gas, especially if they got to drive a certain distance to work," said Williams.

So instead of driving his vehicle, he cuts costs by taking his motorcycle on the daily trip. Williams says he saves $50 by using his bike.

"It cost me about $25 a week to drive 60 miles a day, when it will cost me about $75 in my vehicle. That's why I ride it. I ride it every day, every day," said Mr. Williams

He's found a way to cut cost and take advantage of the lower rates but some are still skeptical that gas prices will take a turn for the worst.

"It's going to triple that when it comes back," said Cecil Franklin.

He says only time will tell.