Gas prices continue downward spiral across United States

The pain at the pump continues to decrease across the United States as gas prices fall. / Colby Gallagher

AAA announced oil prices closed at $79.76 last week - the first time the price per barrel fell below $80.00 in ten months.

While this news shows a tough economic climate for the oil industry, the lower prices heading into the summer season are giving consumers more opportunities than they thought possible.

"My parents live in Florida so it gives me a chance to go down there and see my mom and it helps with going to work," said McArthur Rouse Jr.

"It gives us the opportunity to shop more. It gives us the opportunity to put more money into the economy," said Minister Chesterfield Walker.

Consumers also say with more money in their pocket people are able to travel to and from our community and possibly increase revenue.

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