Gas prices breaking records and wallets at the pump

Gas prices are expected to continue climbing. / File

According to AAA, drivers are paying more for a gallon of gas than they ever have for the month of February with the national average sitting at $3.63.

AAA adds that four states have an average price for a gallon of regular gas that is more than $4 and a couple others are only a few cents shy of reaching the $4 mark.

Forecasts from AAA say that gas prices are expected to increase throughout the end of the month and continue the trend in March, which could lead the possibility of gas clocking in at over $4 a gallon across the South.

"Unfortunately, it doesn't look like there will be much relief at the pump in the next couple of weeks," said AAA spokeswoman Jessica Brady. "U.S. refinery maintenance typically peaks in March, meaning we could see more cuts in refinery output, leading to higher gas prices.

(Gas prices provided by AAA)