Gas Price have been increasing since the start of the New Year

Gas prices have been going up since the start of the New Year.

In Albany, some of the cheapest regular unleaded gas is $3.17. Some of the highest is $3.49 a gallon. Although we haven't arrived at the Memorial Day holiday, says the US could see a spike in prices.

Joyce Smith says"these are desperate times people are just doing the best that they can do and then we're being gouged at the pumps it ridiculous."

She's not the only person FOX 31 spoke with that has that mind set.

Jeff Flowers says "we'll I'd love for them to come down you know. Its expensive and costly for all of us."

Joyce Smith adds "people have to eat, people have to feed their animals. They have to put shoes on their children and you know we can't afford all this money at the gas pumps."

According to, its always a good idea to keep your tire pressure at the level recommended for your vehicle.

Keep your windows closed, especially if you're driving at a high speed because it can run up your gas.

When using air conditioning, use it when you need it and not all the time.

Crawford Wooden of Albany spends roughly $75 dollars to fill up his SUV and he's not a fan of fuel costs going up and down. "They need to come to a common agreement and get on a set price and let that be it."

Southwest Georgians are praying for gas prices to come down.

Joyce Smith says "if I saw them come down, I'd be doing the happy dance that because I'd be so happy and if they go up people like me are going have to park their car.