Garden springs up downtown

First United Methodist constructs a community garden downtown. / Matt Prichard

First United Methodist Church in Downtown Albany is looking to give the area a greener look through a community garden.

"It's a piece of property the church owned, it was just an empty lot and we're always looking for ways to build community in this town so after researching urban gardening we decided this lot would be perfect for downtown," said Director of Outreach Ministries, Todd Urick.

The garden sits at the corner of Flint and North Jackson right in the heart of downtown Albany, and everyone is encouraged to enjoy the corner lot.

"We have twelve raised beds for vegetables, and the first question we had when we started was, "how are you going to keep people from stealing the vegetables?" And I said that's not a problem because they're not my vegetables, their the community's. So if someone needs a tomato, or a cucumber, their welcome to come down and pick one up for themselves," said Urick.

The garden hasn't been opened yet, however officials are excited to see a corner where there was no growth become a light in the community.

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