Gangs use breakfast food as attack tactic?

A high protein breakfast food used to target drivers. / Facebook

For the FOX 31 Facebook story of the day, people wanted to know whether or not local officials have seen any cases of people taking extreme measures to get someone out of their cars.

This stems from a claim that says gang members have thrown eggs at people's cars as an attack tactic.

Once the driver tries to spray water on the eggs, they turn milky white, blocking all vision.

This forces drivers out of the car before they attacked or car jacked.

Local police say they haven't had any reported incidents of this kind here in our area.

"We haven't anything here locally but it is a known tactic that if you want to get someone out of a vehicle, we actually have had incidents happen in the past where someone will rear end a car just so they can get the occupants out of the car and sometimes people do that also for insurance scams," said Capt. Tom Jackson, with the Dougherty County Police Department.

Captain Jackson says the safest thing to do in these types of incidents is to stay in your car, try and make it to a safe location, and call 911 for help.