Gang violence doesn't keep tailgaters away

ASU Police increased presence at the football game. / FOX 31

To the delight of many sports fans across Georgia, college football is back, and the Albany State Golden Rams open up their season at home against the North Greenville University Crusaders.

Along with football season, comes tailgating season, which has people heading out to the ASU Coliseum early to meet up with friends and spark up the grill before they head into the game.

"We're doing a little tailgating, trying to root the rams on this weekend", said Albany State fan Joe Stone.

Fan's support was important at Saturday's game as the Crusaders, knocked the Golden Rams out of the play-offs last year.

Not even last weekend's gang related shooting that happened just a few block off campus could keep people from watching this game.

The university's police have been take extra precautions to ensure the safety of the fans.

Chief John Fields Jr said, "we're not tolerating any mischief or criminal behavior. Those who choose to do so will be dealt with accordingly."

Chief Fields also said they have increased police visibility on campus for the football game, so that everyone can go out and have a fun time.