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      Gang unit sees decrease in summer crimes

      The Gang Task Force Unit for the Albany Police Department made a presentation before community leaders and residents about the issue of gang activity in the area.Officials say they've seen a decrease in crimes over the summer but they want to continue the trend. Summer crimes in 2013 were down from the previous year says Captain Wendy Luster, but that aggravated assault and armed robbery are the top crimes in Albany. The decrease in crime is attributed to the community teaming with police to provide information.Gang unit representatives say they are constantly building their database of information and people connected to gangs.Community residents are asked to look for graffiti on signs. Look for art, tattoos, scarring, and writing that could link someone to a gang.Officials say they want to know who these individuals are.Gang unit officials says the need phone calls and people telling what they see to help increase intervention before crimes occur.

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