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      Gang unit gets access to GPS ankle bracelets

      Judge Lockett is giving the Gang Unit access to a ankle bracelet tracking system

      Dougherty County Superior Court Judge Willie Lockett is offering the Albany Gang Unit a new tool to keep track of convicted gang members.

      Lockett told gang unit officers at Thursday's monthly Gang Task Force meeting that he's arranged to give them access to a website that tracks convicted gang members wearing GPS enabled ankle bracelets. Most local law enforcement agencies already have access to the website.

      Judges decide who is eligible for a bracelet rather than jail time on a case by case basis. Lockett says they evaluate the person's criminal history, current offense, and danger they present to the community. Dougherty County has had a similar program since 1998, but Lockett started the new ankle bracelet system in March.

      Lockett says the device costs $11 per day rather than the $45 to $50 per day it takes to house an inmate at Dougherty County Jail. The person wearing the ankle bracelet pays the $11 daily fee.