Gang arrests highest in central Albany

Albany Police Gang Unit arrests broken down by ward. / Jessica Fairley

The Albany Gang Task Force has seen an increase is the number of arrests over the last year.

There were a total of 227 gang unit arrests over the first half of this year. That's up from 218 arrests last year.

During Thursday's meeting, officials broke those numbers down by each ward.

Ward Three leads the way with the highest number of arrests. There were 94 arrests from January to June in that ward.

Ward Five had the fewest arrests while Ward One saw a decrease from last year.

Commissioners say crime travels as criminals move from district to district and although it may not reflect the leader of the ward, it could have an effect on how people vote this upcoming election.

"A lot of individuals will vote based on statistic data that is given to the police department that if there's a high volume of crime they feel that there may need to be a change in leadership but I think that individuals are going to vote on the best person whether he's a male, female or whatever," said Jon Howard, Ward 1 Commissioner.

Howard says in the areas where the number of gang arrests are dropping, it's the residents who helped rid their streets of crime. He says if people in other wards want to see a change, they have to stick together.

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