Game on at Albany Tech?

Albany Technical College is looking at possibly adding a gaming curriculum soon. / Tosin Fakile

Albany Technical College is looking at possibly adding a gaming curriculum soon.

People from The Georgia Game Developers Association visited the school's campus on Monday to look at their resources available for a gaming curriculum.

There was a question and answer session with the faculty and some students from ATC's Computer Information Systems program about tools that can be used to make games and training for faculty who are not too familiar with it.

The gaming industry is growing in Georgia and experts say there is a positive partnership between the industry and academia.

"Whenever you use your tablet or your smartphone, there's always some new game, some new app, something that's there for entertainment," Dr. Anthony Parker, President of Albany Technical College said. "But also the gaming industry is for educational purposes. We can teach people easily using that particular technology. Reinforced learning or remediate or just provide opportunities to be exposed to things. So we obviously need to be connected to that," he added.

"We are very excited that schools throughout the state, all over the state are interested in creating; game development is a core part of their teaching practice. We find that so many students are attracted to technology primarily because of their ability to make games," said Andrew Greenberg, Executive Director for the Georgia Game Developers Association.

They represent game developers across the state and have about 80 studios represented in the state.