Gaining power over your will

Crowds gather at a monthly meeting to learn the protocol on will writing. / Matt Prichard

Dougherty County Commissioner John Howard held his annual town hall meeting for the month of August Saturday, and despite a fairly morbid subject, the turnout couldn't have been better.

A packed community room welcomed Dougherty County Probate Judge, Nancy Stephenson who spoke on the proper steps of outlining your will.

Topics ranged from how to set one up, to how to make sure the people you want to inherit y our possessions actually end up receiving it once your gone.

Judge Stephenson says this information is vital for everyone to know about.

"When you talk about families. A lot things can go wrong, tough things that you can't predict, so you want to take away any uncertainty that you can," said Judge Stephenson.

Judge Stephenson says she was glad to see such a great turnout, and hopes everyone came away with some useful information.

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