Ga job recovery nearly a decade away

Ga. not close to job recovery. / Jessica Fairley

A new study released by the University of Georgia reveals it's going to take the state nearly ten years to reach pre-recession employment levels.

Economic forecasters say when it comes to job creation; the state of Georgia has lost its edge. Just before the recession hit, employment was at an all time high but officials say we may not reach those numbers again until 2020

Representatives for Manpower say although slow, job growth is there.

"In the state of Georgia we're showing a 15 percent increase across all industries," said Manpower South Georgia Regional Director Shelia Durham.

Construction, warehouse distribution and information and financial sectors are improving but not fast enough to keep up with the number of people seeking employment.

"It's harder for us because we have to go through more candidates because there are a lot of people looking," Shelia Durham.

Angela Young is one of the many people who are unemployed and seeking help. After spending months in Florida looking for work, she relocated to Albany with hopes of things getting better.

Since I've been back, I've been looking for two weeks but I've been looking basically for about a year and haven't found anything yet," said Job Seeker Angela Young.

"I do think it's going to change but not quickly," said Human Resources Inc. Manager Beth Lane.

And until employment rates change, employers say job seekers should remain diligent in their search.

"Don't sit at home everyday saying 'Woe is me. I can't find a job.' It just creates all that animosity," said Durham.

Instead they suggest being productive by putting on your best face and remembering to make a lasting first impression.