Ga. hopeful runs to unseat longtime representative

Rick Allen / Jessica Fairley

For the second time Rick Allen (R) is running to unseat longtime U.S. Representative Sanford Bishop (D) as the Georgia's district two congressional representative.

"A lot of people didn't get a chance to know me last time, so I'm starting ahead of time to get to know them better and make it more effective," said Georgia District II Congressional Candidate Rick Allen.

Allen says when he ran against Sanford Bishop in 2010...his late start placed the odds against him, but he remains optimistic in gaining more support from voters.

If re-elected it would be Bishop's 11th term in office.

Allen says in the upcoming months he'll spend time gaining the trust of those in his district.

Fox 31 contacted the office of Sanford Bishop and received a statement saying "The congressman has no comment on Rick Allen's candidacy."

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