Future Phoebe physicians meet criteria

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital approves new physicians. / From file

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital held their first meeting of 2013 Wednesday, working through a list of potential nurses and physicians that could join the medical team.

"It's one of the most important things that we do on the board is to approve privileges....some people that apply cannot be on the staff because they don't meet our criteria, and we have holistic criteria that we go through," said Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital board member, Dr. Bernard Scoggins.

This practice is one that officials say protects the image of the hospital, and more importantly, the safety of their patients.

"You want to make sure that the physician that is taking care of you in this hospital has the proper training, the proper experience, and that he is providing the kind of care that we would all want," said board member, Joe Austin.

"The whole idea is to get the best healthcare professionals for the hospital community, and have a safe environment," said Dr. Scoggins.

And officials say that this process not only gives insight into the medical standards, but also the actual individuals that they're hiring.

"By the time they get through that, we know the physicians very very well, and at that point they're welcome to join this organization and become a full part of the medical staff at that point," said Austin.

Board members also expressed their excitement for the new year, hoping to make 2013 bigger and better.

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